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What is the research club?

The University of Queensland Business School is independently ranked as one of the top business schools in Australia and amongst the leading institutions worldwide. Based in Brisbane, it brings together over 130 subject experts with over 7,500 students and offers undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs and executive education across the range of business disciplines.

UQ Business School is renowned internationally for the quality of its research and also provides contract research and consultancy services to organisations throughout the world. The teaching – research – consultancy loop is central to its success, ensuring that the School maintains its position at the forefront of academic knowledge while staying closely attuned to modern business requirements.             

The University of Queensland has more specialised fields of research “well above world standard” than any other Australian university, according to the landmark Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) assessment, 2012. One hundred per cent of UQ's research is at world standard or above, ERA shows. Moreover, industry is investing almost $100 million each year into research at UQ.

What is the purpose of the research club?

Our Services and Supply Networks Research Club provides opportunities to set the agenda for applied research, as well as the chance to network with other industry professionals and business leaders. By identifying and discussing issues of importance to club members, our research agenda is directly influenced by the needs of managers.

Who is it for?
  • Supply chain and logistics directors and senior supply chain professionals
  • Service operations directors and senior service executives
Aims and objectives
  • Identify research and improvements in the practice of services and supply chain management by setting research agendas and creating a collaborative forum where members can engage with one another
  • Offers access to a wide range of research with leading companies to enable members to introduce world class services delivery systems and supply chains to create and sustain competitive advantage
Membership benefits
  • Direct research agendas and enables participation in research projects
  • Serves as an interactive forum for addressing challenges in the sector
  • Invites participation in Club meetings with guest speakers on selected research topics
  • Undertakes ongoing, focussed research activities supported by member companies
  • Provides a dedicated website and developing knowledge base comprising faculty publications and reports
  • This club operates on a non-competitive basis - applications will not knowingly be accepted from competitors of any existing members without their express permission.
  • This club does not accept applications from individuals.
  • Meetings: one day, four times per year (with ongoing research)
A Current Research Club Investigation

One investigation focuses on the adoption of sustainable supply chain management (SSCM) and outlines a new practice which is being tested using data from over 500 manufacturing firms in 17 countries. The research investigated the interactions between green supply chain practices and organisational behaviour in an Internet-enabled supply chain environment based on contemporary behaviour theories. Research suggests that four motivational factors could significantly influence the successful adoption of SSCM.

Club Annual Membership Fee


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